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Consultancy & Advisory


We understand that every organization needs consulting and advisory for various reasons. We always have our 24/7 effective and efficient support available to our clients. We provide many types of consultancy and advisory services as well. Through consultancy, we will help you to achieve your goals/targets and improve the performance of your team.

If you want to prevent your organization from various cyber risks or protect against them, then we will be glad to consult you on how to protect against these unknown and new generation crimes which can harm an organization’s financial and reputational value as well.

And if due to unfortunate circumstances an organization came under a cyber-attack, we would be glad to consult you and make you aware of your various legal rights and laws as well as consult you on how to tackle cybercrime and criminals.

“Virtual crimes are not so virtual Anymore”

We offer consultancy Services in:

  • Cyber crimes
  • Cyber laws
  • Cyber risk advisory
  • Information security
  • Techno legalities (auditing and grc)
  • Ransomware prevention and counter measurements
  • Incident response